plant a tree with us in association with tree nation 🌱

Being an online store, we are aware of the amount of CO2 that is generated at various stages of our business operations and in order to offset this impact, thankyouwrld has partnered with Tree Nation to plant one tree for every order placed on our online store. This year we decided to make an even bigger contribution towards it on behalf of our customers.

Tree Nation is an NGO based in Spain. So far, they have planted over 7 Million trees across the globe and still counting. Their main projects are based in countries like Madagascar, Thailand, India, Kenya, USA, Spain and France.


Once you have placed an order with us, you will receive an order confirmation email from thankyouwrld, which will be followed by an email from Tree Nation - 'thankyouwrld has offered you a tree on Tree Nation'.

Together let's do our bit for the environment by planting more trees and reforesting the planet. 🙏🌎